W I N E     L A B     E Q U I P M E N T

Milwaukee is a dynamic worldwide manufacturer of electrochemcial instruments that provide solutions to winemakers giving key information to critical check-points in their winemaking process. Our instruments will supplement wine-makers knowledge and experience, helping them to make the right decisions in persuit of quality wine.

Milwaukee is a leader also in markets where water quality measurements are required: Laboratory market, food, and beverage, environment, education and government, water and waste water treatment, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, chemical, agriculture and horticulture, hydroponics, aquariums, swimming pools, etc.

Many of our instruments combine two or more parameters providing added versatility and excellent value for money. With an extended range of products, from basic hand held instruments to high performance laboratory bench meters, Milwaukee products have a reputation for reliability and accuracy. Instruments are supplied with probes, electrode holders, buffer solutions and reagents and are ready for use.


Photometer Specifications

Application Range Models
Peroxide Value 0.0 - 25.0 meq )2 / Kg MI490

Mini-Titrator Specifications

Application Range Models
Free & Total Sulphur Dioxide 0 - 400 ppm of SO2 MI455
Total Acidity 0.0 - 25.0 g/L of Tartaric Acid MI456