M I N I - B E N C H   M E T E R S

Meter or Monitor with Battery Eliminator 110v to 9v Power converter & Mounting Kit

The "BEM" group of mini-bench meters/monitors are designed to spot test or continuously monitor pH, EC, TDS, or ORP values directly in your reservoir. Units provide tremendous versatility because each can be used as a spot tester or continuous monitor or field portable meter (with 9v battery installed)

Features include: easy calibration, mounting kit, probe, probe holder, 9 volt battery, starter calibration solution and 110 volt to 9 volt power converter that is factory installed.



Application Range Models
pH 0.00 - 14.00 pH BEM101
TDS 0 - 1990 ppm BEM401
ORP ± 999 mV BEM500
pH/EC/TDS 0.00 - 14.00
0 - 4000 ppm
0.00 - 6.000 µS/cm