Kangen is a Japanese word, best translated into English as "Return To Original" which means several things when used to describe water.
Kangen water comes from a machine that you place on your kitchen counter and connect to your faucet. When the tap is turned on, the water goes through an internal filter and is ionized through an electolysis process.
Tap, bottled, and other waters have a positive ORP. Only Kangen Water has a negative ORP of over -200 and as low as -500. Kangen water is the most powerful anti-oxidant avaialable. Because of its incredibly low ORP, it has the power to slow down aging and the normal process of decay. Considering you want to avoid oxidizing your body internally as much as possible, it is important to make a constant effort to eat and drink of which ORP value is on the negative side. Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is a measurement in milli-volts (mV) of the tendency or the strength that indicates whether a solution is oxidizing or reducing (= deoxidizing). When we use the term potential in describing ORP, we are actually talking about electrical potential or voltage. In electrical terms, potential energy is measured in volts.




MW500 performs ORP measurements with a range of ±1000 mV. The meter is supplied with ORP electrode and calibration solutions.
Just immerse the ORP electrode into the water and turn the instrument on by pressing the ON/OFF key. (Allow the reading to stabilize before taking measurements.)