Measuring LUX at the bottom of AQUARIUM


MW700 for measuring LUX at the bottom of aquarium

LUX is a unit of measurement of lumens per square meter, sometimes (and incorrectly) used synonymously with light intensity. Instead, LUX is the measurement of apparent intensity, as viewed by the human eye, per square meter. Because the human eye weights certain parts of the spectrum (certain wavelengths) as brighter than others, two light sources can have the same intensity but a different LUX. Hobbyists that use LUX as a unit of measurement would typically keep their reef aquarium or freshwater planted aquarium light intensity between (3000-14,000 LUX), depending on how heavily stocked it is with soft corals, hard corals or plants.

Measuring LUX at he bottom of the aquarium:


Put the light sensor on a stable surface in the aquarium, and hold the meter at a proper distance to avoid any interference or disturb to the sensor illumination.

Turn the meter on by pressing the ON/OFF key. Press one of the three "Range keys" to select the proper scale according to the intensity of the light. 2000-19000 is recommended for measuring LUX in aquarium.

Wait for about 1 second for the reading to stabilize.