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Bench Meter Comes with Data Logging Software Included

Mi190 Specifications

Range Extended Range DO

0.00 to 45.0 ppm; 0.0 to 300.0%

-5.0 to 55.0°C (in order to avoid the
out of range displaying after the
temperature calibration in 0 or 50°C)
Resolution Extended Range DO
0.01 ppm; 0.1%
Accuracy Extended Range DO
± 1.5 FS
± 0.4°C without probe error
Logging 250 records, LOG on demand or auto-logging
Calibration DO Single or double points at 0% and 100%
Temp Compensation 0.0 to 50.0°C / 32.0 to 122.0°F
Altitude Compensation 0 to 4000m
Salinity Compensation 0 to 40 g/L; 1 g/L
DO Probe MA842 - included
Temperature Probe Included in DO probe
Calibration 2 points (0.0°C, 50.0°C, plus ± 10°C
Inputs DO (din)
Log on demand 50 records
PC Interface RS232 / USB Opto-isolated
Environment 0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F; max RH 95%